How to Change My Status “last seen” in WhatsApp?

When using the WhatsApp messenger after you download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha, other people or users can see your current status. This means that they can see if you are currently online or the time when you have been only for the most recent time. In WhatApp, being online means that you have opened WhatsApp and that the program is connected on the internet. You may either be browsing the messages you have received or you are creating a message yourself that will be sent to one or more of your contacts.

However, if you see your contacts to be online on WhatsApp, it does not necessarily mean that they are currently using the app itself. They may just be connected on the internet with their WhatsApp messenger opened but is not currently being used. Therefore, when you see one of your contacts online, it does not mean that he or she has already seen your message to him or her.

The last seen status means the last time that the user has used the WhatsApp messenger or the exact time when he or she has closed the app. You can also see this status as the phrase called “went offline at…”.

However, if you seem to be unable to see the last seen status or the current status of a person, then you may have been blocked by that person.

For your own sake, you may also remove the last seen option. To do so, you should first go to the WhatsApp settings. Choose the chat settings and tap on advance. Here, you can turn off the option for last seen. However, you should take note that when you turn off this option, other users will not be able to see your last seen status and you also will not be able to see the last seen status of other people. You should also consider that fact that you can change this option only once every 24 hours.

If you still do not have the very useful messenger application which is WhatsApp, then you should use it now. To do that, you should first download WhatsApp for Nokia Asha.