Hiring a 24 Hour Locksmith vs. Doing It Yourself

You have no doubt come across a lot of videos and “how to” articles on the internet that claim to teach you the basics of locksmithing. You have probably been through an online course on basic locksmith skills on Udemy.

 Perhaps you think being knowledgeable about the basic 24 hour locksmith techniques, or at least, having some idea of how the lock and key mechanisms work, you are ready to take on any locksmith project yourself – why hire a professional 24 hour locksmith anyway? Why pay the locksmith hundred dollars or so, when you can do it yourself?

While the DIY approach sounds attractive, there are many things that could go wrong with it. There are many things that could go wrong with it.

Here’s why you should hire a 24 hour locksmith instead of going the DIY route.

Reason #1: A 24 hour locksmith has the right kind of experience and tools.

Working with a lock and key mechanism is not easy. You will need special tools for this, many of which are not easy to access. In fact, the public is barred from using some of the locksmith tools such as bump keys – only certified locksmiths are allowed to use them in many states. Besides, a locksmith will have gone through years of training. There is no way you can compete with that.

Reason #2: You may end up causing damage to the property.

If you tried to change a lock and do an imperfect job of it; that would really compromise the security of your home. Similarly, if you were to get locked out and try to use your DIY lock picking skills to get into the house yourself, you might end up causing substantial damage to your property. So you will end up calling the 24 hour locksmith anyway, and end up having to pay him more to clean up the mess that you have caused.

 Reason #3: You won’t have access to high-security locks like the locksmith does.

 Suppose you need to replace a lock, as a member of the general public, you will only have access to ordinary locks at the hardware store. Such locks are easy to pick and makes your home vulnerable to burglars. A locksmith, on the other hand, will have access to high security and pick resistant locks, which are of a superior quality and cannot be broken into easily.

Reason #4: The 24 hour locksmith provides many services that you cannot do yourself.

A professional 24 hour locksmith offers many services which you cannot do yourself. For example, the locksmith can rekey all the locks in the house, which saves you the trouble of having to change the locks. He installs advanced security systems such as CCTV cameras, which is something you cannot do.

 Reason #5: When you hire a 24 hour locksmith, you can benefit from their expert advice.

 The 24 hour locksmith has years of experience in the locksmithing industry and home security business. He will have worked with hundreds of types of lock and key systems and will know everything there is to know about home security. He will give you tips on fortifying your defenses and protecting your property from burglars and other criminal elements.