Winning Her Heart – Understanding the Psychology of a Muslim Woman

Disclaimer: Inspiration for the article is taken from the Happy Muslim Family blog.

Women are a complex creature to understand, so you can’t understand them unless you dig in deep!!

Women are dynamic; everybody around them feels their presence. There’s always pressure on men when women are around. The reason behind this triggered pressure isn’t because those girls are comparative of a terrorist group or have the gene of a extremist race. However, in reality the reason is that boys have heard a great deal about girls, but they really know very less about them. The most frequent source of info about women come from their own friends, which the majority of the times even understand lesser about women they know themselves. But nevertheless, boys are always confident that they know a lot about women, at least when they’re speaking to their friends.

Women often say, that all men are of the same type and should you know one you can easily comprehend all types. It’s the interesting fact that girls don’t believe same for themselves. So vice versa of the theory isn’t applicable in their opinion. So in case you think this theory of theirs as honest then it’s extremely difficult for men to comprehend all of the species of women existing on planet earth, at least not during his one life span.

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So what choices you were left with?

If you like some girl and you want tie a marriage knot with her, then you simply must inform her in simple plain words. You could also go round and round your proposal, but she will actually be interested in the gist of what you discuss not the words you’re speaking.

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Most men think that women are interested in casual relationships. But the actual fact is that women are more interested in a permanent and enduring relationship. So if you are attempting to propose her, then you better make sure “you can look after her in the longer term”.

Please don’t waste time in impressing girls by wearing absurd dresses or with cheap jokes. If you’re interested in a person express your feeling for her in a very simple manner. Research studies show that 98 % of times women won’t slap you if you’re caring enough. So it’s worthy to try your fortune, at least from this day onwards she’ll notice you little more than previously.

If she laughs on any action of yours than it doesn’t mean that she was impressed by you, but the majority of the times she’s really laughing at you!!

One more point; never attempt to insult or laugh at her, women take that issue very seriously, and the ramifications of it are very durable. If you respect them, you’ll always receive admiration from them. And they’ll always think about you being a gentleman for that.

Wrapping it up:

Women simply want love and admiration from men. If you were interested in someone, please convey to her and don’t go round and around to impress her. If you’re caring and loving, more often than not she will not hesitate in accepting you for a lifelong relationship.

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